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Boss Man is a 2D sidescrolling platformer very much inspired by Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country. Those of you who played/enjoyed those games should feel at home here! The plot involves our main character, Leon, being fired from his job for no given reason after years of torturous work and labor under his terrible bosses.

Responsible for the firing was company CEO Boss Man, who decided to personally give Leon the boot himself. After a mental breakdown from years and years of stress, Leon decides to storm Boss Tower, the place of his former employment, to take revenge on Boss Man and his corporate stooges, and maybe even restore the once reputable company while he's at it!


Platforming: Jump = V Key Run/ Item Pickup = Hold C Key Attack = Press C Key Move = Arrow Keys

Duck = Down Key Climb Ladder = Up Key Activate Boss Mode (Must have 50 Tokens) = X Key Pause = P Key

Level Select: Move = Arrow Keys Select Level = V Back to Main Menu = Esc Transfer Funds = X Key

Install instructions

In order to play, simply download the zipped file, then extract it. From there, run the exe and you'll be good to go!


Boss Man (32-Bit Windows) 53 MB
Boss Man (64-Bit Windows) 59 MB

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